Accepted papers and posters

Regular papers (20+10)

Andreasson, Maia – Lyngfelt, Benjamin: A semi-configurational CxG approach to clausal syntax in a verb-second language: the example of Swedish
Belosevic, Milena: The interplay between frame semantics and construction morphology in modeling the meaning of compounds. The case of eventive personal name compounds in German
Benen, Marie-Christine: Contextually constrained, locally free – Shifted subjectivity and non-anaphoric reflexives
Bîlbîie, Gabriela: Same form, but not the same construction: pseudostripping vs. stripping in Romanian
Bloom, Barthe: Integration, resumption and adjunction: The relation between Early New High German preposed adverbial clauses and their host
Boas, Hans – Leino, Jaakko – Lyngfelt, Benjamin: What do construction grammarians think about Construction Grammar?
Bordag, Denisa – Opitz, Andreas – Nir, Bracha: Psycholinguistic Evidence for Abstract Morphosyntactic Schemes and the Challenge of Asymmetric Priming
Borkotoky, Reetom – Borah, Gautam K.: The semantics of Compound verbs in Assamese and the interaction between Construction Morphology and Frame semantics.
Bouso, Tamara: Modelling the SOC in Contemporary American English
Cencherle, Anna – Busso, Lucia – Masini, Francesca: Italian goes creative too: a closer look at VIA ‘away’ verb-particle constructions
Colleman, Timothy: On defining “niche” or “marginal” argument structure constructions
Cuneo, Nicole – Goldberg, Adele: The Discourse Functions of Constructions Predict Island Status: Two measures of backgroundedness, 10 base constructions, 3 long-distance dependencies
Daugs, Robert – Lorenz, David: I can’t say it’s just the verbs: using distributional and experimental data to predict preferences of negative modal contractions versus their full forms
Desagulier, Guillaume – Gervais d’Aldin, Thomas – Aoues, Nora – Grezda, Bertisa: Optimising the network of complex prepositional locative constructions in French
Droste, Kim-Kristin: Upheaval. Prefixal up and its many functions from a Construction Morphology perspective
Feltgen, Quentin: The specifics of constructional change: a quantitative account of the semantic expansion of the French complex preposition en plein N
Fernández Santos, Sara –  Llompart García, Miguel –Dabrowska, Ewa: Evolution of cognitive representations: The case of Spanish object relatives
Feyaerts, Kurt: The emergence of multimodal grammatical construct(ion)s through pointing gestures
Fleissner, Fabian: Spatialization and poly-constructionalization in German: The emergence of ‘Come to mind’ and Light verb constructions
Gautier, Laurent: How much (specialized) knowledge is to be included in constructions? A CxG approach to specialized discourse
Geka, Vassiliki: Atypical Imperatives in Focus: A Constructional Account of ‘You Do That’
Gonzálvez-García, Francisco: Capturing meaningful generalizations at varying levels of resolution: The case of the family of “ser muy de-PP” constructions in Spanish
Gries, Stefan Th.: Collostructions revisited: making it simpler, making it better
Gries, Stefan Th. – Olguin Martinez, Jesus: Filler-Slot relations in Hypothetical Manner constructions in Mexican Spanish: A revised version of distinctive collexeme analysis
Hartmann, Stefan: Graphemic constructions
Herbst, Thomas – Hoffmann, Thomas: CASA – A Constructionist Approach to Syntactic Analysis
Hoffmann, Thomas: Constructionist Approaches to Creativity
Hsiao, Min-Chun –Michaelis, Laura: Hammer out a corpus-based study without a hammer: Effects of semantic bleaching on argument structures of English denominal verbs
Iabdounane, Yassine: Multimodality and Construction Grammar – A Case Study of the “this close to” Construction
Ilioaia, Mihaela: Alternating predicates in Romanian: preliminary insights from a pilot experimental study
Kanetani, Masaru: Wow! It wows me: Deideophonizaition as schematization and constructionalization
Kim, Hyunwoo – Shin, Gyu-Ho: Testing usage-based indices as modulating factors of second language sentence processing
Kim, Jongbok – Kwon, Youngkook – Hwang, Intae: English let alone construction: A discourse-oriented nonderivational approach
Koch, Nikolas – Quick, Antje – Hartmann, Stefan: Detecting chunks in child bilingual code-mixing – the role of input
Kohn, Birgit: Dog-tired and bad-ass: Nouns as adjective intensifiers
Kyle, Kristopher – Sung, Hakyung: Robust Automatic Annotation of Argument Structure Constructions
Lehmann, Claudia: Multimodal constructions revisited. Testing for the association between syntactic constructions and non-syntactic features.
Liu, Meili – Cuyckens, Hubert – Zhan, Fangqiong: Multiple sources in the emergence of the [bi N hai N] comparative construction
Mangold, Ina: Constructional Networks & Inflectional Morphology
Mäntylä, Eveliina: The combinations of a Finnish imperative-form verb and a clitic particle as constructions
Minami, Yusuke: How paradigmatic contrast works in the grammar network: The case of the mental-state there construction
Nevens, Jens – Doumen, Jonas – Van Eecke, Paul – Beuls, Katrien: Learning Computational Construction Grammars through Situation-Based Intention Reading and Semantico-Syntactic Pattern Finding
Ohara, Kyoko: Can frames describe meanings of grammatical constructions?
Olguin Martinez, Jesus: Constructions in language contact situations: A usage-based perspective
Olofsson, Joel: Earlier and later – Time constructions in Swedish
Östman, Jan-Ola – Lehecka, Tomas: Constructional preference: The case of question formation
Perek, Florent – Ziem, Alexander: Building a parallel constructicon: A case study of Judgment_communication constructions in English and German
Petré, Peter: Constructionist aspects of leaders and laggers in syntactic change: the dynamics of idiolect and conventionalization in Early Modern English syntactic constructions
Rantala, Katriina: Request constructions of Finnish L2 learners and their possible multimodality
Redmond, Michael: Meaning at Clause Level: Old High German ibu-Clauses in the Complement-Adverbial Divide
Ruf, Regina – Smirnova, Elena: Constructional family of German complex prepositions
Sambre, Paul: Networked constructions of antimafia resistance in a local Italian grammar
Shirtz, Shahar – Goldberg, Adele: The Phrase-as-Lemma Construction in English
Smirnova, Elena – Audring, Jenny: Constructionalization and productivity: an exploration of the constructional diversity of German hin-/her-adverbials
Sokolova, Svetlana: Constructional variation vs. constructional contamination: a special case of new Russian [N[N]] compounds
Somers, Joren – Leuschner, Torsten – De Cuypere, Ludovic – Barðdal, Johanna: The alternating Dat-Nom/Nom-Dat construction in Present-Day German: a corpus study
Sommerer, Lotte: If that’s what she said, that’s what she said: an analysis of pleonastic conditionals in English
Van den Heede, Margot – Lauwers, Peter: Syntactic productivity under the microscope: the lexical and semantic openness of Dutch minimizing constructions
Van den Stock, Anouk – Ghyselen, Anne-Sophie – Colleman, Timothy: Individual differences in linguistic creativity: user-related determinants in attitudes towards grammatical productivity
Van Eecke, Paul – Verheyen, Lara – Beuls, Katrien: Operationalising Usage-Based Construction Grammar on a Large Scale
Van Goethem, Kristel: The Dutch Expressive Binominal Construction in syntax and morphology
Van Hulle, Sven 2. Enghels, Renata: Productivity (metrics) and Semantics: A Principal Components Analysis on the Inchoative Construction
Vander Haegen, Flor: German ‘no matter wh-’: Exploring gradience through the lens of usage-based Construction Grammar
Verelst, Natalie: A corpus-based constructionist approach to the diachrony of Dutch postpositions
 Vetchinnikova, Svetlana: Exploring individual variation in constructional schematicity with mixed models
Willich, Alexander – Politt, Katja: “Du hast eh voll den guten Musikgeschmack!” – Underspecification and grammaticalization of NP-external intensifying constructions in German
Zehentner, Eva: English prepositional verbs emerged through constructionalisation
Zhamaletdinova, Elmira: The ways of representing (im)possibility in Russian
Zhukova, Valentina – Janda, Laura – Endresen, Anna: Constructions within and beyond a single clause in the system of Russian reduplication
Ziem, Alexander: How to document and implement constructional meanings in a constructicon: a frame-based approach

Short papers (10+5 minutes)

Ciríaco, Larissa: Attendees as Agents: the special transitive meaning in Brazilian Portuguese
Depraetere, Ilse – Cappelle, Bert – De Cuypere, Ludovic – Grandin, Cyril – Leclercq, Benoît: A forest of possibilities: Predicting the choice of can, could, may, might and be able to
Park, Maike: Reconstructing positional verb constructions from patterns in first language acquisition data
Piunno, Valentina: Lexically open idioms. Quantitative and qualitative analysis of the “non fare che” construction in Italian
Sung, Hakyung – Kyle, Kristopher: Automatic identification of motion constructions in L1 and L2 English spoken corpora


Cane, Edmond: The Albanian definite articles as constructional pairings
Cicchirillo, Roberta: Representing prosody in Construction Grammar: the case of lists in spontaneous spoken Italian
De la Garza Espinosa, Vania – Llompart, Miquel – Dabrowska, Ewa: The relationship between morphosyntactic productivity and print exposure in native Spanish speakers
De Vos, Liesbet: A multi-modal construction grammar for sign languages
Fejes, László: Distributive plural after numerals in Hungarian
Katunar, Daniela – Raffaelli, Ida: Missing parts in lexicalization strategies: the case of [A N] and [N PP] constructions in Croatian
Lee, Chanyoung – Shin, Gyu-Ho: A constructionist approach to Korean locative postposition–verb construction
Logvinova, Natalia: Case concord in Russian close appositional constructions
Macias, Nicky: A Cognitive Grammar introduction to the process of ‘deinitialization’ in ASL
Obstová, Zora: Expressing (not only) concessivity: constructional idioms with reduplication of the verbal element in Italian and Czech
Schmalz, Veronica Juliana: A bidirectional computational construction grammar for German exploiting syntactico-semantic pattern finding on a learners’ corpus
Shin, Gyu-Ho – Shin, Jeong-Eun: Interactive roles of cross-linguistic influence, usage frequency, and task effects in L2 processing of Korean dative construction
Tian, Nianzhuo: Postverbal Argument Selection of “Chi (Eat)” in Modern Chinese
Tian, Zhen: A diachronic study of social evaluation towards women in Chinese co-referential appositive construction
Zhan, Fangqiong: The development of the non-truth conditional expression jiushi in Modern Chinese – A constructional approach